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Car Audio Systems

Tesla 3 2019

Our client wanted to add definition and punch to his audio system, he was amazed to see how much the sound could be improved without having to invest a fortune!

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Installation Details

Our client wanted to add definition and punch to their audio system. So we replaced the front door speakers and tweeters with Focal Flax speakers.

In addition, we added an Audison subwoofer and a Helix amplifier hidden under the floor of the trunk to increase the bass without making anything appear.


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We offer a large a wide range of high-end vehicle integration brands. We do sell from the best partners in our industry. We also repair others.

Focal Flax Speaker
Focal Flax Speaker |Focal
Focal Flax Tweeters
Focal Flax Tweeters |Focal
OEM Speaker
OEM Speaker

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