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Entourage PSEscort - Localisation systems

Entourage PS
Price: $299.99

Unlike siren-based vehicle security, ESCORT Entourage PS features a powerful combination of always-on cellular communication, industry-leading GPS tracking and tamper-sensing technology to silently notify you directly of any threat to your vehicle’s safety. All of which makes ... [+ more details]

Entourage CISEscort - Localisation systems

Entourage CIS
Price: $399.99

Powerfully combining always-on cellular networks, top-tier GPS tracking and motion-sensing technology that activates from your own keychain, plus the exclusive, instantly-triggered BlacklineGPS Recovery & Monitoring Service™ to speed the return of your stolen vehicle, the Entourage ... [+ more details]

The Tag SystemTAG - Localisation systems

The Tag System
Price: $349.99

The TAG system uses a unique, layered approach to automotive theft prevention and recovery. The system combines powerful theft-prevention, electronic and chemical (permanent) etching and a proven tracking and recovery platform.

[+ more details]

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page 3 products
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